Chelmsford Carnival

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Welcome to Chelmsford Carnival, a walking parade making us proud to be one of the UK’s only eco-friendly carnivals. No sitting on lorries, just a mile long accessible route through the city centre. Walk, dance, skip, twirl, hop, or whatever takes your fancy, come and be part of the parade. Everyone is welcome!
FLOATS! Think go-karts, bikes, push chairs, trollies, as long as they are non-motorised. COSTUMES! Think colour, masks, headdress, think razzmatazz. NOISE! Think whistles, marching bands, samba, drums. FLAGS! Think big bright & beautiful. So get your creative thinking caps on – there are prizes to be won!
Need some ideas? Then why not watch the videos from our youtube channel to learn how to be part of our ‘Chelmsford Junk Band‘ by making instruments from re-cycled materials!

CALLING ALL BUSINESSES! For a small charity donation why not use this as an opportunity to promote yourself and engage directly with the people of Chelmsford.

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